ToughBear Plush Doy Toys For Heavy Chewers

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Boundless Joy and Unwavering Durability

Introducing the irresistible ToughBear. With precision stitching and top-tier craftsmanship, this plush toy stands up to enthusiastic play. Perfect for dogs that cherish their toys, TeddyTough is set to become the star of every play session, offering both cuddles and fun!

More Than a Toy – A Treasured Friend!

Tired of toys that wear out too quickly? ToughBear is your answer. Beyond just a plaything, it's a loyal companion. Its durable construction ensures countless hours of play, so your furry friend can enjoy their favorite toy longer. Dive into a world of trust, satisfaction, and quality with TeddyTough!

Safety and Comfort Hand in Hand

Your pet's well-being is our priority. Crafted with the best materials, TeddyTough is gentle on your dog's gums and teeth while being durable enough for long-lasting fun. Its plush texture and internal squeaker keep your dog engaged, promoting active play and reducing boredom.

Keep Their Tails Wagging with ToughBear

Elevate playtime and nurture the bond with your pet with TeddyTough. It’s not just a toy—it’s a blend of joy, trust, and satisfaction. Whether you're away or simply watching TV, your dog will be engrossed with their new favorite toy. TeddyTough™ is more than just a plush toy; it's a symbol of the care and love you have for your furry family member!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can small breeds play with the ToughBear?

Definitely! TeddyTough™ is designed for dogs of all sizes, from tiny teacup breeds to large ones.

What is the size of the ToughBear toy?

This Teddy Bear toy stands 16.54 inches tall.

How do I clean the ToughBear?

It's straightforward! Just place it in your washing machine for a hassle-free clean.

Is the squeaker safe?

Absolutely! The squeaker is safely placed inside the toy, but as with all toys, it's essential to supervise your pet during play.

Is the material safe if my dog ingests a small piece?

ToughBear is made with non-toxic materials. However, it's always best to ensure your dog doesn't ingest any part of their toys

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