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With Chewball, never again worry about it being destroyed in minutes. Or days. Or months.

👋 Say goodbye to cheap, flimsy toys that break within minutes.

Our unbreakable chew toy is designed to withstand even the most aggressive chewers, ensuring your dog stays happy, healthy, and entertained for hours.

🌿 Made from rigid, non-toxic materials that are safe for your dog

🐾 Easy to wash

🏉 Unique design that promotes healthy chewing habits

🐶 Suitable for all breeds and play styles

🏋️ Super flexible & light, yet unbreakable & resilient

Top Benefits of Chewball Toys

   - Happiness -   

Chew ball is your dog's new favorite toy, which they will never get bored of.

   - Dental -   

Health comes first, play second. With Chewball, you combine both.

   - Finances -   

Buy once. Play forever.

Resistant, Patent-Pending Latex

Our top-quality latex toy is flexible, light, and practically unbreakable.

Designed For Dental Health

Unique, corn-imitating texture effectively removes plaque and tartar buildup, providing your pet's dental health.

Safe Play & High Bounce

The premium cotton filling offers a non-toxic chew and a unique bounce effect - entertaining both of you for hours.

Why Choose Chewball?

  • Don't Waste Money On Toys That Break Instantly

Invest in an unbreakable chew toy, designed to last a lifetime

  • Bad Breath & Dental Issues Are Major Problems

Maintain your dog's dental health with a toy that cleans teeth and freshens breath

  • Your Dog Deserves Love & Attention

Engage them with our unbreakable toy for all breeds and play styles

  • Returning To Ruined Shoes & Socks Is Frustrating

Protect your belongings and sanity with a toy that entertains your dog and keeps them away from personal items

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Chewball non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals?

Yes. Both the latex (outer material) and the cotton filling (inner material) are premium, non-toxic ingredients. Chewball™ is absolutely safe to chew on.

  • How durable are the Chewball ?

Chewball™ is designed to last a lifetime. Or, up until you decide it's time for a new one.

While we can't promise that it is absolutely impossible to tear it apart, the fact is: your dog will not be able to destroy it.

  • Can Chew ball be used for interactive play or training?

Yes. Chewball are extremely helpful when training your puppies or grown dogs for their sound & bounce abilities. And they are made for interactive play.

  • Are Chewball™ suitable for aggressive chewers?

Yes. Chew ball is created so all dogs can play. Even the most aggressive chewers among them.

  • Does Chewball make any sound?

Yes. All toys have a built-in sound system that provides a squeaky sound your dog engages with.

Unlike most of the toys out there, the sound it makes is not irritable.

Plus, if you end up wanting to disable it - it is straightforward to do so.


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